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The Heart of The Matter – The normal 12-lead ECG

An ECG (electrocardiogram) is a recording of the electrical activity within the heart muscle. It is the most commonly performed cardiac test. Practice in 12-lead ECG recording varies across the Health Service predominantly due to variations in training, personal experience and preferences as well as resources. This short workshop will help you to identify the appearances of a normal 12-lead ECG and will cover:


  • Limb leads and chest leads.
  • Anatomical surfaces of the heart visualised by the ECG.
  • QRS morphology.


Guest Speaker: Charlie Bloe, Lead Nurse for Cardiology, CCU, Raigmore Hospital 


This event is aimed at Healthcare professionals working in the Primary Care setting. It is FREE to attend thanks to the support of representatives from the pharmaceutical industry in line with the ABPI.

Certificates of attendance will be available as a record of your ongoing CPD.

Book your place now: https://forms.gle/sNBvDT3zuqJnAbhD8